Monday, May 25, 2009

Doing A Little of Everything.

TENDING my flowers, then picking some for the cemetery this Memorial Day. Wanted to share their beauty before it passed on too. These are the headstones of my grandpa, grandma and aunt in an old country cemetery.
Visited with friends, had a good lunch and then traveled back home to work some more in the yard. Planted three pepper plants and colored some paper with paint. I wanted to show Candace my stamps I carved: nose and eyebrows in one stamp, two eye stamps and a twisted sort of mouth stamp. This is what I did over at the beach. (You need to think about how what you draw "right-side" will end up "left-side" when stamped. Think ahead; don't be like me.)
One more thing to show. I have been working on the Anticipated Stranger notebook - recycling the annual report folder from Timberland. I worked on the cover the other night, stamping part of the "story" about this guy. He's not someone you want dropping in, I don't think. Something a bit sinister about him, making trouble, stirring things up - femminismo


Candace said...

Hooboy! the stamps work great, I see. Love what you did here. And I really like the colours.

What are your stamps made of? They "take" instructions very well, backwards or no.

I look forward to "The Anticipated Stranger". Thanks for sharing your journeys with us.
Your Pal in Athens.

3rdEyeMuse said...

that stamp looks terrific!

and there really is a sinister quality to the stranger, isn't there ... hmmm.