Saturday, May 30, 2009

Back To The Woods.

DID some gardening (a bit) this morning and love these yellow rhododendrons. The color is a perfect yellow - not too bright, not too pale. The texture of the petals and the slightly sweet smell only adds to their lovely presence this spring. Sometimes this plant blooms again in September. After the show this last day of May, I don't know if it will have anything left to give.
We then drove to Washougal, Wash., to trade a warped pressure-treated 200-lb. board for a straight one and then we went to the woods. It was time to put that last board in place over the bridge that the Mister's been covering. This was the first time I'd seen it since he'd begun covering it with the heavy boards and fastening them down. No more worrying about putting your feet in the right spots. It's a perfect driving surface in case we get busy on building a house up there and need cement trucks to bring foundation materials across to the other side and the Mister says we could even have a dance on it. Pretty darn nice!
I found a frog in the woods, flowers past their prime - there were trilliums and false Soloman's seal - and goatsbeard just coming into its own. This maidenhair fern is for Candace, who loves ferns. I had to lay down on my stomach and hang over the bridge to get this picture, so she'd better like it!
Last, but not least, is the setting sun. It actually still has hours to go, but here in the woods where the trees are so tall, the sun goes down much sooner. It was so warm today that I'm sure some were glad - femminismo


3rdEyeMuse said...

that last photo looks like a beautiful, magical fairy land. :)

Janet said...

I'd say that sounds like a just about perfect day! i love the photo of the fern too. it is both simple and intricate at the same time. thanks for sharing!

Candace said...

Sounds like a fantastic day for you and the Mister, to be sure! That last photo reminds me of all the fairy tales and magical places in books and films -- and the day came complete with a frog (prince, maybe).
Good luck on that house, Jeanne.

Candace said...

Oh and before I quite forget, I adore that fern... you know I do! Haha, and you do deserve a medal for getting that shot just right despite the obstacles. Thanks!