Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fall Is In The Air ... Along With Words.

TODAY I am thinking of taking on new challenges and remembering in time - before tomorrow - that today is self-portrait Wednesday. I love red. I love books. So this is a good place to be taking my self-portrait. Finally one without a triple chin showing!
Maybe I am perusing this shelf because I know November is coming all too soon, and with it will come NaNoWriMo. This year I already have decided what to write about. I decided last month or the month before. And I put the idea of what to write about into a safe brain cell. One that, right now, is inaccessible! It was something I've always wanted to write about. An idea I had a long time ago. Ah! Something is coming back. I think I've remembered, but no clues tonight. You will have to wait until tomorrow - or November.
Today, Sept. 2, 2009, for the record, I got a tetanus shot at the doctor's office. They are so good about reminding you what is due. Good, quick shot; sore arm.
And I've been training the person who will take over my old job. She is smart and quick and will do well and I can go on to my new job in a peaceful, quiet office. Where I can s.h.u.t. the door, if I want. I think I hear my sanity calling!
I love this blog. Where else can I keep track of my life so well? Where else am I so dedicated?

These lilies, if these things are waterlilies
Which are dancers growing dim across no floor;
These mayflies; whirled dust orbiting in the sun;
This blossoming diffused as rushlights; galactic vapours;
Fluorescence into which we pass and penetrate;
O soft as the thighs of women;
O radiance, into which I go on dying . . . .

P.S. Full disclosure: came back to edit and correct one mis-typed word in the poem. Snodgrass must have been rolling in his grave!


Candace said...

WOW. I love that poem... O Radiance, into which I go on dying...
Marvelous. It reminds me of Sing, O Muse...
Say, that _is_ a great photo there of you in that red. Very nice and in with the books, how appropriate.

Gasp! Nanowrimo... oh my god, I feel my brain screaming as I type.
Nov is one of my busiest times and yet I keep on keeping on and trying to get everything out so I don't have to deal with it anymore, in my head.
Thanks for the reminder.

Have a great one, Jeanne!
Your Own Devoted Pal back at'cha,
Candace in Athens

Don said...

O Beautiful poem lift me up...

grrl + dog said...

what is more beautiful?

the poem or the promise of a shuttable door?