Sunday, September 6, 2009

Men and Dogs - One Thing in Common.

EVER NOTICE that men and dogs have one thing in common? They both run and howl at the sound of the vacuum cleaner? So today the Mister and I traded spaces for a while. He went to his shop to practice guitar and I vacuumed the living room and hallway.
Time was also spent scrubbing stains from the carpet - which I vow must be replaced.
It's late in the day now and I've just watched "Mad Men" in real time. Usually I see it on Monday or Tuesday via our cable system "On Demand." That's what they call their service, which costs a few measly disposable dollars every month. $$ (worth it, because you can pause and rewind)
It rained so hard today we went out to check our vegetable patch in between downpours to make sure things were still standing. Good thing, because two peppers and one tomato plant were in trouble so we staked them up. The Mister stayed out in the rain, which began again, picking beans and got about four quarts of them - shared with neighbors.
Art Sparker had a link to a great YouTube video - "The Cunning Vixen" - and you should really check it out. I hope my link takes you there. It is extraordinary! - femminismo

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Candace said...

My cats don't like the vacuum either. Great photo!
Oh yes, Mimi Hollace Green and I are Mad Men fanatics and love to chat about it. I'm with you about the few bux re: On Demand.
Wow, so it rained beans over on the West Coast. What a magical land you live in!
And you were so spot on about "The Cunning Vixen"! Thanks for sharing.

Your Pal,
Candace in Athens