Monday, September 7, 2009

A Toast To Beauty.

I PROMISED Candace I would join her in doing a shrine for Labor Day. Here it is - Monday. And this is what I have finished.
I am going to be putting more touches on my "Shrine to Beauty," Candace, but sorry other events intervened.
I'll have more photos tomorrow of lots of fun stuff. I will include one thing I spotted today in downtown Portland at Art in the Pearl -- a special VooDoo Bacon Doughnut "cake" boy. I think he might be a Beaverton Beaver.
What a wonderful weekend it's been! Haven't had one this good in quite a while - femminismo


acornmoon said...

What a very weird cake boy! he is both scary and endearing at the same time.

Re your comments on my blog, yes, the canal is named after the rivers Trent and Mersey. The Mersey as you so rightly say will be forever connected to the Mersey beat and the sixties which put Liverpool on the map.

Candace said...

Jeanne, how gorgeous that shrine is. And I am in the midst of trying desperately to continue "finishing" mine altho I did post pics of a couple of first looks... dang.
You are a better man than I, Gunga Din. I know all about other events intervening, believe you me.
Wow, that "cake" boy is -- interesting, lol.
Your Pal,

femminismo said...

Oh how sweet are the comments of friends. They keep bloggers going. I really should post something more today (Tues. Sept. 8) but am trying to take it easy today. I've spent a lot of time already staring at a computer screen. Thanks Candace and "Acorn Moon." I'll be talking to you both soon. Get busy on that shrine, girl!

Candace said...

Hey, it's up but more is coming, as it is turning into more than just a tee tiny... LOL.
Autumn -- like June -- is busting out all over here these days. Hope that garden is putting more and more in the cupboards for you and that you and Mister are well.
Your Pal.