Sunday, September 27, 2009

I Hate It When ...

YOU know what people say when they haven't posted in a while. Well, I hate it when people say that because it's evident they've been doing something they *think* is more important than keeping us up to date on their lives.
We went to Montana the week after I started my new job and things just sort of fell apart blogwise. Thank you to anyone who still bothered to check this dusty space.
The new job is going fine but it is busy. There's some relearning to do with certain tasks.
Then this past Friday we said bon voyage to Catherine at Valley Art Gallery. Difficult to part with someone so dear. Food helped. (Some of it's in this picture. This is why I made chai spiced cheesecake.) We all had plates of good stuff and sent her off in great style ... I think!
Saturday, the weather was lovely. Much too beautiful to spend inside.
Today, Sunday, I took a Wisdom Book-making class from Kelly Kilmer at Art on a Lark, a lovely space in our town. Painting paper was so much fun. The book was longer horizontally than vertically, a new way to work on a book. Here is the front (green) and inside (pink). It's bound up with a painted and stamped strip of canvas.
The paints had lots of true pigment and were transparent with gloss gel added. Here's one of the pages, with blue, orange, green paints added, and maybe Payne's gray.
A look at the outside before the front was done. Oh, and the signatures had to be sewn in, but that was really simple. (I love simple. Then the pages were painted (that's up above). And here is the book with the strips of paper and "focal object" that we moved around until we thought we had it right. Must go now - femminismo
p.s. The figure on the front is a Russian clown photographed by Richard Avedon.


Anonymous said...

Yes, sometimes actual work becomes more important than blogging. We are all still here waiting for the latest!
The book looks very cool. Good luck with the new job!

Candace said...

Hello Jeanne, So glad you are actually doing things as well as blogging... I usually just veg out, LOL.

How exciting to have taken this class with Kelly! And I personally think your choice of pink and green together is a powerhouse combo!

Take care, Pal, and good luck with everything!

Kelly Kilmer said...

I love your book! It was so nice to meet you!!! I hope you have fun working in it!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeanne--Once again, I am amazed by your creativity! How did I end up with such a talented sister? Glad you are back at it, and had such a wonderful trip together. Will try to touch base with you when we are down this weekend, but I think the McMinnville event won't work out for me. How about doing something Sat. night?
Judy Girl

Anonymous said...

how true,
How rude of them to have a life...
*goes red*