Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's a NaNoWriMo Day!

I WROTE 1,678 word at lunch to add to my total at the left under NaNoWriMo.
Yes, indeed, I am so proud of myself.
There will be more to this post later. Right now I am due back from lunch at work.
Adios until this evening.

WELL, I didn't get back to post anything momentous. However, on Monday, a super windy day in Oregon, I got outside in the midst of all of it and took a picture of "my tree." (I'm watching over it, documenting it this winter and spring.) You can see the wind bending the very top.
AND, NaNoWriMo, Candace said, is an especially cruel mistress this year - femminismo


Candace said...

Re: NanoWriMo -- Oh no kidding! It's like being lashed to the mast while hearing the Sirens song. I might as well call it NanoWhineMo.

I do love how you are taking care of that tree via documenting, looking at it, sharing your energy with it.

Take good care!

Candace said...

Fo shizzle is an urbanization or bastardization of 'For sure'.

It also can mean wholehearted agreement or (in Mr. McShane's case) approval of something or someone ...
par exemple:
T: "Jeanne has a great blog."
Candace: "Fo shizzle!"