Sunday, November 15, 2009

Rewarding Evening ...

VALLEY ART was ablaze with talented artists' work and talented volunteers on Friday the Thirteenth when "Expect the Unexpected" was staged in the gallery - the 43rd annual artist event.
I fell deeply and unexpectedly in love with a watercolor by Jan Su Hirst, titled "Adonis." And in love with many more things too - some of which I will actually have to give away as Christmas gifts.
The annual artist event is always blessed with food "treasures" from the members of the gallery's association, and this makes it a very special night. Here is my choice of just some of the delights from the hors d'oeuvre table. (The plate would only hold so much in one trip.)
On Saturday I volunteered at the Forest Grove Book Sale and my goodness! The rooms were very busy with folks searching for good deals on good reads. And Saturday was the last day of the sale. Those who helped clean up - and they were all ages, as you can see in the last photo - got a good deal on a FREE bag of books. (Yes, I helped clean up. Very worth it!)
I even did some gift shopping. It was my brother's birthday last week and I got him an absolutely first rate "gag gift" book. I'm sure with more searching I might have found something even better, but waiting until the last minute isn't very reliable.
Now I must quit blogging and get to writing on NaNoWriMo. I know I'm missing a lot of great football - I can hear it from the other room - but I still can't be two people at once - femminismo


Anonymous said...


great post, looks like you had an interesting evening?

I have something for you: click here to get your blog award! I hope to hear from you soon.... :)


Candace said...

Wow, that is some great art there. And that plate you showed, YUMMO. So glad you had a great time of it, things like this have an added lustre when done in such giving and sharing spirit.

Nanowrimo is more than a harsh mistress this year. She is simply being mean and ornery.
Take care!

Nathalie Thompson said...

Art, books and food. Only my 3 favorite things in the whole world! Your art show looks first rate!

Don't you love the fringe benefits of volenteer clean up duty? Apparently you do!