Thursday, January 7, 2010

Can You Tell Who Got A Blu-ray Player?

YES, it's true. A Blu-ray player and surround sound and we've watched about seven movies in the past week. The blogging life has suffered.
Work is going well and I feel I'm getting more done. This morning did a rare thing and went by slowly. It seemed to be accommodating me by stretching itself but not leaving me bored by the clock's slow moving hands. I seemed to swim through my chores with an endless amount of time at hand - no stress. That will surely have to make up for yesterday - and perhaps tomorrow.
The Mister and I watched "Iris" last night, with Judy Dench, Jim Broadbent and Kate Winslet. Now there's a powerhouse trio, if ever there was one! Got to be my three favorite actors. High up there anyway.
Tonight we watched "The Bucket List" with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. Two questions Morgan asked Jack (this is what the Egyptian gods asked at heaven's gate): "Have you experienced joy in your life?" "Have you given others joy?"
I can say "yes," and "yes" to the Egyptian gods who will then let me pass into heaven.
I may have some remarkable news tomorrow. Stay tuned - femminismo
p.s. The photo is from Life magazine archives, hosted by Google. I find the most extraordinary images on this site.


Candace said...

Congrats and let me tell you... movies and books are always running neck and neck for the number 1 spot for me. And you find the BEST photos!

I *love* days that move like yours did! But I really enjoy getting so much so easily done that suddenly, presto chango, it's time to knock off and one wonders 'didn't I just get here???'
Say, Pal, just skip those Egyptian dudes and come see me -- you will float right in!
Looking forward to your news.

lilasvb said...

love this picture