Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Piece of Art

STARTING January 2010 off right has taken a little while. A bit of winter cleaning has been happening, with one half of the office getting cleaned and being put on the other side of the room. I sit in my chair at the computer and things look more organized, but all I have to do is glance over my shoulder and become discouraged.
It is time to get big boxes and pack up books that I never intend to read and will not use for anything beyond a paperweight. It is time to go through papers and save what I will really use and toss the rest.
Meantime, since I know many of you have wondered what the Mister and I really look like, I bring you this hugely realistic composition from Stefano, the Italian portrait painter. (Actually, it's a drawing I did New Year's Eve and finished today - with one of my favorite "paints," makeup. Please don't tell the Mister he's wearing makeup.) I think I made up my eyes a little too heavily, but the mascara wand didn't work on paper like it does on lashes. Don't you love the Mister's bronze tan. Time spent on the Riviera is never wasted!
My raven tresses are all the rage there too. Big hair is back and it's ... well ... big! - femminismo
p.s. Did you do something creative today? Show me!


Candace said...

WOW, what a great Jet Set couple you two are. And I completely understand about the winter cleaning... never fun but always necessary. Drat!
I'll have a new post tonight, Sunday. Going into Atlanta today, where all the rage is keeping WARM.
Your Pal,

Ophelia said...

Love your blog!!!

Fresca said...

Hey, there!
Good to "meet" you in my blog comments, and now here. Nice to know such a glamorous jet-setter...

I'm still in the middle of clearing the clutter for the New Year too. I donated bags to a shop...but then bought a bunch of new clutter. Oh well. The sun just keeps spinning round and so do I.

Brenda said...

How clever and fun. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Love the double portrait!

Ro Bruhn said...

Have a wonderful art filled 2010. You're off to a good start, great faces.

Flying Colors said...

Wonderful duo portrait, you have a flair for writting ;-) as for the cleaning I can totally relate, have spent the "whole week" cleaning these desks (3) from paper and clutter and managed to eliminate the right way 85/100. But it was very hard to do!

H A P P Y - N E W - Y E A R - 2 - U - !!!