Monday, January 18, 2010

Martin Luther King Jr.

A DRAWING in memory of the man.
There are so many pictures today; so many drawings. I got my inspiration from a photograph of King taken when he was arrested.
He managed to look a bit saintly, a bit "aren't we beyond this?" and a bit angry. And in truth he probably wasn't trying to look any of these ways. He didn't have to, because there he was and those were most likely the exact feelings he was having at the time. But I can't put myself in his place. Can't judge what he was feeling. However, I remember where I was when I heard he was killed and I thought the world was crumbling around me with the violent deaths of America's leaders in the 1960s.
"WHAT makes dying easier is to be able to transcend the world into some kind of religious dimension. I would say that the most important thing is to know that beyond the absurdity of one's life, beyond the human viewpoint, beyond what is happening to us, there is the fact of the tremendous creative energies of the cosmos that are using us for some purposes we don't know. To be used for divine purposes, however we may be misused, this is the thing that consoles . . . I think it is very hard for secular men to die."
-- ERNEST BECKER (terminally ill, just before his death)

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