Sunday, January 24, 2010

Desert Highway ... or Not?

I ENJOYED l'astronave's video so much I've been laboring to produce one of my own. I am not sure this will work, but since I greatly admired her desolate "Wilderness" (or not?), which turned out to be her lying on the snow, focusing on the desolate formations, I thought I would try my own.
Is this
a desert highway wavering in the heat ... or not? (Granted. It's a stretch.)
Saturday I searched all over for signs of spring and found some. How surprised was I? Very. We've still got February to get through, but things are looking up.
Next time I write I may actually plan ahead and write about something that means a lot to me. Something heartfelt. For now, since I've wasted much too much time on Photoshop and Picasa uploading, this will have to do - femminismo


fresca said...

That is so funny---the way the everyday intrudes into art... and the way artists may choose to let it stay.

I had no idea what that beautiful light path was... until you pulled back and showed the wall.
Very fun, the shift from mystical to mundane. They coexist, really.

femminismo said...

The perfectionist in me almost can't stand the way the text staggers on this page - but it came on the word "stretch" so that can't be a mistake, can it? Thanks, Fresca, for the comment and the encouragement.

The Crow said...

I came here from Fresca's site, to see your movie. I am fascinated by these moving shards of peoples' lives. This one is so good, for everything that is in it.


Candace said...

I loved this. You have a wonderful voice... like I knew you would.
How I love this fearlessness, the true groundswell of creative spirits.