Monday, June 1, 2009

Anticipated Stranger Redux.

YOU may remember the previous post on this annual report folder I have transformed and recycled with paint and collage. The subject of this "book/journal" just sort of happened, but I must tell you that it involves - all of it - a very personal episode I am undergoing in my private life.
Private? Hah! Some would laugh at a tell-all blogger being "private" about anything. But that is part of the mystery of the Anticipated Stranger.
More of the just-begun pages are on the left-hand sidebar. These two pages I've finished in the last day or two. Actually, the page that says "Lost" comes first in the book. Then the lovely orange Buddha. I adore travel magazines for their lovely photos. I have so many waiting to be used.
I don't think I would ever like to be lost. Maybe there is more to the page and it's not just our hero who's lost. Maybe it's me a little bit too. But I always have this place to come to and feel "at home" and with friends.
Did you know I won something from the lovely Candace, my correspondent pal in Athens, Ga.? She is the best and has lots of fun drawing her adorable ladies who like to hang out in the gardens of Athens.
I also must note that I am making a little progress on my Library Card Project, getting the story together with the pictures. There's just so much fun and so little time! - femminismo


Candace said...

As always, your blog enthralls with mystery and FUN! Love that you are using your own life to go through art and vice versa... oh Jeanne, I _have_ been lost. Twice. You are right. Not a good thing, but one of those times when I was terribly lost, something grand came out of it.

Looking forward to the new adventures in store here!
Your Pal --
Candace in Athens.

Janet said...

I really have to do this. Been wanting to for a while now. have done little individual collages, mostly with paper and scissors and glue, but this just looks like collaging kicked up a notch. thanks for sharing!

3rdEyeMuse said...

I'm actually enjoying getting little glimpses ... who doesn't love a puzzle or a mystery? :)

Stacey Mattraw said...

This is so great, I just found your blog, what galleries do you work with and where?