Monday, July 13, 2009

Can You Imagine? Well, Can You?

FIRST, imagine you want to make a book from rectangles of painted folded paper. But you don't want to stitch them together.
So then imagine your brain says, "What if we just fold them down the middle and punch holes in the edges and tie them together?" This must have been my right brain talking. (That's right; my brain. We're talking about me and all the painted paper I've been blobbing away at.)
So you fold back the edges and discover there is no way this will work. The brain, left one maybe, says, "Hold on, now. This won't do."
Somewhere in the middle the brains meet and after a couple of days and several observations later, it's decided by everyone that a smaller fold will take place at each edge - one up, one down - and then the pages will be glued together to form a long, long book. A book that can be written on front and back, with the reader scanning over words and images on both sides.
What will the book be about? Who knows for now. Time for both brains to get busy and cooperate since the folding and gluing has been done.
While that is drying I gathered up my Disintegration Project to begin A DisCo (Discovery?) Project with the weathered goods. Literally weathered! Do you remember this picture? Ice storm late in the year and I rushed home to take photos. (Yes, certifiable-crazy.)
Tonight I have painted the dried pages, deciding for the time being to keep them pretty much "as is," except for one picture matte-gelled onto the front of a book section. This work is keeping me sane. That is my mantra. And I have a question here: Does anyone else get nervous when they upload photos and Blogger tells them they've used up 71% of their picture storage? I'm so addicted to blogging by now that they could probably charge any price and I'd pay it. But don't tell them I said so, OK? - femminismo


apprentice said...

I think this is wonderful work. There is something very elemental about text and paper being reclaimed by the weather and the earth.

Candace said...

Hello there and what a fantastic post this is! Wow, you are doing some great work even if you are "having to think", so to speak.

I am just punching holes and binding with different ribbons and threads on my projects lately but of course, none of mine are as advanced as these'uns you have.

Miss Green has indeed readjusted settings, by the way, so folks can now leave comments on her blog. Isn't she the scream of the crop?

Take care!
Candace in Athens.

ArtSparker said...

I upload my photos at a maximum of 600 dpi width at 72 dpi. This still gives a pretty good view and is probably about a quarter of the size you are uploading at. Just a thought.

3rdEyeMuse said...

those books are going to be sooooo much fun to play with!

... and still looking forward to seeing what happens at the DisCo!!

Seth said...

Looking forward to your DisCo piece. And I love the creativity of your mind! DisCovery. Just perfect!