Sunday, July 12, 2009

Deadline, deadlines, deadlines all month long!

PROCRASTINATION is one of my strongest qualities.
Wait! Did I hear someone say procrastination is not a "quality"? There are all sorts of qualities you know. Good ones and not so good ones. What if procrastination saved you from getting run over by a bus? Not such a bad quality then, huh?
Anyway, I knew this day was coming. Seth at The Altered Page e-mailed to remind me and others of the upcoming deadline for our Disintegration Projects (DisCo for short), Aug. 1.
We need to take the projects and turn them into something else. You can use everything you "aged" or part of it for your new project. The picture (altered itself, quite a bit in photo editing) shows my bundle of papers from the book "Master of Ballentrae" by Robert Louis Stevenson. Out in the muddy garden through a good part of the winter -- now totally dry, hidden in a corner of the kitchen on the floor near the heating vent. Waiting ... waiting ... waiting.
What will they be? What will they become? Next purpose in life, please! Time to consider the possibilities - femminismo


3rdEyeMuse said...

I have a feeling that you'll come up with a great something to use the bundle on ... can't wait to see what it is!

Candace said...

If it is true that vanity, thy name is woman then procrastination thy name is --- mmmm. Jeanne or Candace? Might have a tossup there, Pal!
I really like this photo of your Disintegration bundle -- you should share these techniques some time! How'd you get this pic so blue?

Good luck with DisCo! Does this mean the 70s aren't dead, after all?
Thanks for your visit too!
Candace in Athens.

Julie Fillo said...

sounds like an amazing project, can't wait to see the result!

Seth said...

Time to consider the possibilities! I second that statement!