Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Truly Global Education - For Anyone.

YOU don't have to be rich, just determined, to get a great education.
And you probably won't find the directions dumped in your lap. It's going to take some research and asking questions on your own.
While it might seem (to some) a little reckless to send your children off to other countries to get an education, when your teenager's brain is eager to learn and experience new places and cultures *then* is the time to use that to your advantage. And education in other countries can be just as good - and often much cheaper - than education in the United States.
Remember my blog about Maya Frost and her book "The New Global Student"? Well, here is a link to the article I wrote for The Hillsboro Argus newspaper. Follow it to read more about the Frosts and their unconventional and successful search for a better, global education for their girls.
Then check Maya's Web site.
I also have a couple of pictures of the work I'm doing on the DisCo Project suggested by Seth Apter at The Altered Page. Our winter-weathered Disintegration Project is becoming something else - to be unveiled completely August 1. But for now just two little glimpses.
Left, tied bundles of pages getting glue and glitter on the edges. At right, the pages laid out flat.
(I've visited a little over half of his participants in the Buried Treasure cooperative project and discovered lots of brilliant new geniuses. I hope to visit a lot of them again soon.)
Now off to bed - femminismo


acornmoon said...

Your altered page project looks interesting, isn't it strange that paperwork assumes more gravitas after aging?

3rdEyeMuse said...

thanks for the links ... we have a few years ahead of us before those decisions have to be put into cement, but I love knowing their are alternative options.

and I am really looking forward to August 1st ... am loving the thought of glitter on decay!

Candace said...

Hi there! Great post about a great project or two ;)
I will have to check this and the many new projects at The Altered Page.
The photos of your disintegrating pages so so fascinate me. The Shiva Principle -- always the silver lining around that cloud.
That is what art is, imho.
From Athens,
Your Pal