Saturday, July 25, 2009

Doing Virtual Mouse Scribbling ...

WELL, I am fooling around with Illustrator, trying to get it to do what I want without the bother of consulting a manual.
I swear I have a strong bit of Y chromosome clinging on for dear life that didn't quite totally incorporate into two Xs!
Anyway, I've got a "drawing" to show you. I exported it as a jpeg. (It's not a self-portrait.)
Pink Martini is on the CD player. What a voice China Forbes has! Joyful, crystal clear, lush when need be. She's singing about Napoli.
I need to go work on my DisCo project but I'll be back later to add a bit more about this 88 degree (F) day.


3rdEyeMuse said...

what a fun attempt - she has great lips!

Candace said...

Oh Jeanne, I love this! It goes so well with China Forbes' cover photo, lol. Very nice indeed. Do more and don't look at the manual for a while! Really, this is just great here.


Jill Zaheer said...

Love it- especially the expression on her face!