Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kick In The Pants.

CANDACE knows how to get me inspired.
She gives me little kicks in the pants to jump-start my blog engine. Thanks, pal, for your comment.
I have been busy lately changing careers again. Actually, I am going back to something that I have done in the past, so I guess I'm not exactly changing careers. However, the job change has sucked up quite a bit of free time so I hope you will excuse me for not being more regular about posting. I know you wait for each one with bated breath.
Tomorrow I will show how to do a gelatin print step by step. Here are a couple pictures of what I did today while I still had a piece of intact gelatin to work with. (As you can see, it is beginning to split and separate.) I painted the gelatin with acrylics, wet the paper with a spray bottle of water and then put the paper wet side down. Press and pull up, as you see in the picture.
Here is the paper drying. Lots of colors. I think it's time to paint a picture with some recognizable objects and leave off on the abstract colored squirts and daubs - although they do have their own charm.
Tonight I'm watching "Lost in Austen" and can hardly wait. I am sure (well, pretty sure) it will be fun because it throws a modern day young woman into Elizabeth Bennett's England - as Elizabeth. Will she deal with Mr. Darcy in the same way? It will be fun to see - femminismo


Candace said...

Oh hoorah! Can -- not -- wait. Those colours are so so gorgeous... like you have found a new abiding oasis that anyone who will, can indeed enter therein.

Kick in the pants -- moi? LOL.
Live from Athens.

Brenda said...

Love your gelatin prints, beautiful. I'm sure you will love Lost in Austen - I bought it on DVD I enjoyed it so much.