Sunday, August 30, 2009

No Gelatin Today, Folks.

I SAID I would show how to make gelatin today, but other things - that couldn't be put off - came up and needed doing F.I.R.S.T.
At 9 p.m. I decided to make a couple of pans of gelatin and then discovered I was a little short of gelatin. I am not about to run to the store now, on a Sunday night, or mix up something resembling runny aspic, so we will start slowly with the ingredients.
You'll need Knox gelatin, in the handy industrial size box; a heat-proof Pyrex measuring pitcher; and a pan to boil half the water. I will add four packets of the Knox for each cup of water.
(NOTE: Have cookie sheets with narrow sides or other appropriate shallow plastic containers on a level surface somewhere all ready to receive the gelatin mix. Make sure they are someplace they can stay and won't be in the way. It's much easier to fill them with the gelatin "in place" than fill them and then try and carry them to another location.)
Half the water goes into the pan to boil, half stays in the heat-proof pitcher. While the water is heating up add all the gelatin powder to the water and stir thoroughly. It will be thick. STIR!
When the water has come to a boil pour it into the gelatin mix and keep stirring this. It will be frothy.
When you have done a good job incorporating all of this, carry it to the pans and pour it in, making sure the pans are level. (However, your pans - if they are like mine - may be a bit warped with the oven's heat over time. Don't worry. Things should be fine anyway.) If there are lots of bubbles or foam still on the top of the gelatin, drag the edge of a sheet of paper over the top to carry them to the side. Use another sheet of paper to see if you can remove most of this stuff.
Let the gelatin sit overnight. To keep it for at least a week, cover it and refrigerate.
Hopefully, I will get to make some more gelatin tomorrow.
Today we saw the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds jet team fly over town at a leisurely 400-500 mph. Noisy but thrilling! - femminismo


Kim said...

Now I have never played with Gelatin before so must try this out. Looks like fun. Husband is nodding in the background madly. I think he and I have differing ideas about what constitutes play with gelatin, LOL!

Candace said...

Fantastic. I have a day or two coming up and then a real life vacation so zippity doo dah, gelatin, here I come!
Thanks so much, Jeanne.
And oh those Thunderbirds! Lucky lucky you.
From Your Trueblue Pal
Candace x