Monday, August 31, 2009

Last Day of the Month - Adieu, August.

SLOWLY inching by, this last day of August is almost gone here on the left coast.
So many wonderfully steamy days these three months of summer. Waiting for the spring equinox, planting seeds in the garden mud, now harvesting and steaming green beans and throwing juicy red cherry tomatoes in salads.
The basil has done well and we must have a trillion tomatillos. Almost as many long, shiny, green-skinned Anaheim peppers to make huevos rancheros.
Just wanted to post a short something and say tomorrow I start training someone to take my old job as I prepare to take on a new one next week.
Goodbye to old friends and hello to new challenges.
Like a garden, continually in some state of growth or replenishing - femminismo


acornmoon said...

Good luck!

Candace said...

Good luck, Jeanne. I'm certain this is the first of many adventures coming up for you.
Love hearing about the garden and myriad plans. Mine was a bit of a washout, literally, this time around...

That photo is perfect.
Take care!
Your Pal in Athens

Nathalie Thompson said...

Ah basil, my favorite herb (because of PESTO!) and FRESH tomatoes. I grew neither and am sad for the lack.

All the best in your new endeavers.