Thursday, June 28, 2007

Trying to maintain.

I am really trying to keep going one day at a time recording my thoughts and daily 'adventures' in my altered book/journal. June has been a difficult month for me. There has been so much to do and not enough time.
I am wishing I were retired and had all my time to myself. The reality is that I give my time away to various people and causes and doubt I will ever 'own' my time.
My goal, however, is to enjoy each day and moment as it comes. On Tuesday I walked to work and enjoyed the sights and sounds I miss when I drive. I am hoping (should I say 'planning' in order to sound more determined?) to walk to work again tomorrow.
It has rained today and there is more in the forecast, so the experience should be a little different from the other day when I walked in warm sunshine.
It is after 9 p.m. and I was just outside taking photos of rain-drenched flowers. I can't resist my garden. Before that I was eating raspberries from the refrigerator. Deeelicious!
Today I turned down the opportunity to work 40 hours a week, and instead will do my 30 to 35. I enjoy leaving or arriving when I want to. At least, after my work is done.
I have still been writing and editing obituaries for the paper where I work, and it's difficult not to put in the family's emotional words and keep to the general outline of our paper's style.
A tender heart in charge of obits? Perhaps it's not a job for me.
Enjoy the photo for today. It is rain-soaked false Solomon's seal ... I think.

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John said...

Isn’t "time" a funny commodity? We often give more than we get in return. We also long for past “times” and at the same time can’t wait for future “times”, like retirement. And once you reach retirement, you’ll want time to dramatically slow down! Funny, eh…?

I guess walking to work in the sun, then the rain provided a different experience for you? Did the smells and sounds change?

Your picture of the solomon’s seal is beautiful. I had to Google it though, to find out a bit more information on what it was and where it comes from. I continue to enjoy your picture of the toast and jam, but wish you would take it down. Makes me too hungry!

Take care Jeanne-girl and keep posting!