Sunday, December 7, 2008

Artful Journaling - I Hope.

THERE are no words added yet, but here are today's pages, inspired by the SoulJournal Yahoo group. We were inspired to use lots of gesso and incorporate other things (which I have a lot of) to make a layered, deeper page.
I'm showing posts of this page since the first rule of blogging is Post. Post regularly. Post often.
I unearthed my carved lady face stamp I made and since I haven't taken her out for a spin lately, decided to do so today.
I used gesso, paper towel bits, dried leaves from several years ago, acrylic paint and gold glaze. I picked up the clear button and then found - in the button box - this bit of what was once attached to a button, I think. Looks like a green ship. Maybe the green lady will sail off on it when it get closer.
They appear to be stuck to the page for now, but I think I'll affix them with something more permanent soon.
I thought I had gotten away from the gold and orange and yellow of my October pages, but evidently not. Maybe this gray, foggy Oregon day needed a bit of sunshiny juice to it.
The last photo is of something the Mister brought into the house the other day. He has been shopping already and I haven't gotten him a thing! Must get busy.
Now for a bit of a poem (just a verse):

We are created from and with the world
To suffer with and from it day by day:
Whether we meet in a majestic world
Of solid measurements or a dream world
Of swans and gold, we are required to love
All homeless objects that require a world.
Our claim to own our bodies and our world
Is our catastrophe. What can we know
But panic and caprice until we know
Our dreadful appetite demands a world
Whose order, origin, and purpose will
Be fluent satisfaction of our will?
Drift, Autumn, drift; fall, colours, where you will:
Bald melancholia minces through the world. - from "Canzone" by W.H. Auden
- femminismo


Ro Bruhn said...

Ohhh such luscious colours, love the stamp too, the dried leaves add great texture.

Candace said...

Holy mackerel! This is really full steam ahead here. The texture of your work is quite tangible even when I don't enlarge it. But when I do pop it up -- it's as if I can reach out and touch the pages.

Love the Auden poem... "a dream world of swans and gold". What an image!
Thanks for this good beginning to the week.
Your Pal

Velvet Ginger said...

These are all absolutley beautiful, wonderful texturing...I love the oranges and golds!

Laura Kay said...

I really like the way the dried leaves look. The stamp is great. You said that you made it? Is it a carved linoleum(sp?) block?