Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter Time Is Here!

SNOWBALL fights, we did not have,
But bird sightings, there were many.
Cups of cocoa at last count,
Were but three and twenty!
Snow in the redwood, snow on the shed,
Snow down my boots, snow on my head.
- poem inspired by John Fenimore
I'm just adding these photos to supplement the other Oregon blogs marking the unusual winter conditions here. Judy Wise has ice over her way - a little southeast of us, I believe.
I crunched my way over the frozen crusted snow to get these photos. How quiet it is outside with traffic slowed and no roar of it coming our way. Lovely!
Our little house looks smothered in white and the pump house has such a cheery cap of the stuff and icicles hanging from its edges.
The cactus looked very, very out of its element. I wonder if it will survive. Tonight should be the test! It was cowering behind the iced lavender last I saw.
The blueberry bush - the one that still had leaves - is now being tested too. And I thought the leaves looked pretty before!
I saw a robin in this tree, but he didn't look very happy. Wondering where all the grass had gone, I suppose. - femminismo


Candace said...

Beautiful, but I know after a day or two, it gets tiresome... especially for those birds! Keep the cocoa going, Jeanne.

Wendy said...

Hi Jeanne
Thank you for your lovely comment. Perfect pearls are a ranger.The shimmery colourson the canvas is from them.I've added a link so you can have a look on suze website.By the way i love your blog.Your photography great.