Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Lighter Longer Today ... Did You Notice?

I'M sure you did notice. I wonder how many seconds of extra daylight we added today? I tried Wikipedia, but am not going to suggest you try and figure out the formula for this particular question. Argh! Math!
I went Christmas shopping downtown today after work. Wandering from store to store, it seemed a little bit like Bedford Falls. Just a little bit, and I think that was mainly due to the snow.
I went to the toy store, Let's Play. They have the neatest toys and you can say something like, "She's 10 and a good reader and likes games and puzzles," and Shirley will find something just right.
If the walking hadn't been so slick and hazardous I would have had more fun, but I did find presents for five people in one store - at Artfull Garden. I felt so proud of myself for choosing that store! It was difficult not to buy something for myself, but I resisted. Proud of myself again.
I have been working on gesso resist at home. Above is a sample of the paper I painted bright pink then stamped with purple. I then washed it with yellow ochre acrylic paint and water. (No one at work mentioned my brownish-yellow "fingernail polish.") I let the paper dry in between paintings - well, I let it dry as long as is possible for me.
After the "wash," when the paper was still a little damp and sticky, I rubbed on a little gold lumiere. Thennnnnnn ..........
I cut up some of the paper to make little gift tags. I put sumi paper inside and a piece of yarn tied it all together.
They don't look very holiday-ish, but I think they will suit some purpose or other. Best get off to bed. It's been a long day - femminismo
p.s. That Bedford Falls image may be copyrighted ... or not.


Brenda said...

The gesso resist turned out fantastic, how effective is that! Love it.

Christy said...

Christmas colors or not this patterned paper you have created is just beautiful. I love the colors and the hint of gold. Excellent job with your gesso exercise.

Steph said...

Beautiful paper!
Have a wonderful Christmas!

Candace said...

Do you see the commonality between these gorgeous papers and that rose to the left of them? LOL. This is a great job here and with such vibrancy!

A long day deserves a long winter's nap. Go get you one!
Your Pal