Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Literature meets Boxing!

CAN it be possible I have found the ideal exotic vacation spot for the Mister and me?
In Key West, Florida, today, the temperature was 79 degrees Fahrenheit and it's predicted to be 77 tomorrow.
Also, this coming January is the 27th annual Key West Literary Seminar, with such names as Gore Vidal and my absolute heroine, Joyce Carol Oates.
During this same period of time Carlos "El Indio" Quintana will fight Ermosele "Bad Boy" Albert in a boxing match.
The Mister could do one thing and I could do the other! And did I mention the weather? This is the kind of vacation you dream about! (Did I mention the Mister will be the one at the boxing match?)
Today it snowed most of the day here in Oregon. Tomorrow all the snow and slush may freeze over. Key West sounds very, very good, especially since I can no longer feel the tips of my fingers on the keyboard back here in the frigid computer room. I need some of those gloves with the fingertips cut out. A small heater by my feet would do the trick also.
The man above was waiting outside the window of our newspaper building - waiting for the light rail train to come along and take him somewhere else, but probably not Key West.
We had our Christmas potluck today at work and there was lots of good food. Sandi wore her "Christmasy" wreath earrings that lit up her little corner of the advertising department.
And I went "one brownie over the line" at the potluck, but I didn't seem to be able to stop myself. I know I will pay for these sins.
Tomorrow is a newspaper production day and the show must go on, even if it does freeze outside and today's snow is a bed of ice.
Now I simply must work on my Christmas cards because my friend Pat has beaten me to the punch and I already owe her a letter and now a card, too. I am the people the postal service hates - femminismo


Candace said...

Ha! I now have pictures in my head of you and Joyce Carol Oates at a poolside chat with drinks in hand while The Mister referees Quintana and Albert.

Enjoy that image while working on making it a reality asap. No snow here, Jeanne. Instead, it is now 70 degrees outside and 81 in my house! What the -- ???
From Your Pal Across the Divide

Velvet Ginger said...

That man looks cold standing there has been puring down rain here for 3 days, we have flood advisory and severe storm warnings...40 degrees is the lowest we have seen though! A warm sunny vacation sounds in order for you!
Those earings are stunning!

A.H. said...

Hey there-- hope you make it to Key West. You and the Mister alike might be persuaded by this account of the fistfight between Ernest Hemingway and Wallace Stevens. I know the html in a comment is annoying, but really, you'll like it:

-Arlo / KWLS