Thursday, March 4, 2010

Gone Moon Crazy!

THE LAST few mornings I have been getting up earlier for work because the days are becoming hectic and detail-crammed. Projects must be finished. Have to be!
But there's one thing I'm glad I stole a few minutes to observe, and that's the moon setting in the west.
When the moon is slipping away in the morning there is a little more light in the sky and it's just a perfect mix for a photograph. Here I have wedged my camera in a snowball tree (no leaves yet) and steadied it to keep the moon from moving. (Ha ha!) The sky looks so dark blue, when actually it was fairly light. But the digital camera does its own thing. This was the moon on March 3.
Today, March 4, I sneaked out again just a little bit later and got this shot of the moon stuck in these tiny little branches over our neighbor's fence.
It really does look as if it's snagged, doesn't it? I love the moon. It reminds me of so many special moments - coming up over mountains, shining on water, shining on snow - and cold and frosty above two lonely people together on New Year's Eve. (Or maybe only one of us was lonely!)
The Mister has been working on thinning out two of the most wonderful trees on our 3/4 acre piece of land where we have our home. At the back of our yard there is a Sequoia and a redwood. OK, I know I am a tree hugger and if I had my say there would never be any trees cut down and we would live in concrete bungalows and rotten limbs would be falling all around town causing insurance lenders to commit hara-kiri right and left.
But when I came home and found a ton of limbs cut from the trees - just so the roof of the shop wouldn't rot and fall apart - I was so sick I could hardly stand it. However, as I'm sure you've heard, you can get used to anything. After calmly talking about this situation we both knew how the other person felt, and the reasons it had to be done, and the reasons I still didn't like it (the shop was built in the wrong place, OK?) I. am. now. getting. used. to. it.
Admiring the moon this morning I looked toward the trees and the mist at the base of them made them look even more lovely, regal and able to bear anything time and man could throw at them. I guess this is just my day for dark, cool photos - femminismo


Candace said...

Oh Jeanne, these photos are superb! Is that the sun in the last photo or one of those streetlamps that manages to look like gas light? Whatever -- it's magic!
I envy this ability you have to walk in two worlds -- between the dark and the light, a special place indeed.
Take care!
Yer Pal

Steve said...

My two year old has just sussed out the moon and is mesmerized by this gentle white light in the evening sky. I know how he feels. The moon and Orion - both of which can be seen clearly at this time of year - are magical spectacles.

Fresca said...

I am singing "Blue-ooooo Mooooon,
da da da da da da duh daaah..."
Lovely pix.

femminismo said...

Thank you, Candace. You have a lovely way of putting things. I never thought about walking between dark and light. It's a good skill to have. I'll practice it more.
And Steve: What is "sussed"? And I will look for Orion.
Oh, Candace, the light is the neighbors electric light and again it's the digital camera fussing electronically with the light. I didn't do any tricks at all.
Thanks, Fresca, for visiting ... and singing.:)

ArtSparker said...

Makes me think of Hunter goddess Diana, your capture of the moon in the branches, what an extraordinary shot. I am convinced the pruning/protecting arboreal thing falls along gender lines.