Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ladies and Gentleman of the Supreme Court


OH, don't worry! I know all our problems can't be solved by getting rid of all of the guns in the world, but it's worth dreaming about, isn't it? - femminismo


Candace said...

Well, mmm. We don't know. It hasn't been tried to its logically absurd conclusion yet. Yet, I know some people would pick up rocks to fight, if there was nothing else left to them.

Say, I like that smile on that gal's face. SHE isn't worried about anything.
Have a great rest of week!
Your Peace Correspondent in Athens.

femminismo said...

Yes, people would pick up rocks. There's still that need to protect your life. "Get me some food" too. Isn't the gal with the gun something? I got it from a Life magazine archive photo. I should go back and find out more about that story. Hope you are not seeing much more snow, Candace!

Steve said...

And if you took away all the rocks people would use their fists. What a stupid species we are sometimes. And yet there is hope for us. Behind the girl in the photo... all those books...