Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What New Project Have U Begun?

HERE is part of my new project for April. This has always been a good month for me, since it was in April that I began my journal-book-a-month project ... and actually finished it up!
I am taking small coin envelopes and all of the lovely colored Tazo tea packet "sleeves" that I couldn't bear to throw away. Both naturally hold small objects, and in April my theme will be "Upon Closer Inspection." I want to put a small project into the envelopes every day - maybe some writing or drawing or a photograph. I am going to try and examine something in detail each day.
Observation is the primary objective.
The theme came to me in the middle of the night and I either sat bolt upright or imagined I did. "UpOn ClOsEr InSpeCtiOn." OK, why not? Then I fell back asleep. Fortunately I remembered all of this and didn't have to come up with another project name. (whew!)
I punched holes in some of the envelopes and tea sleeves and then decided to paint the envelopes. Here they are, drying, along with some collage materials. Since tomorrow is April First, however - All Fools Day - I will need to work in some creative energy with all the work energy.
Can't wait - femminismo


Candace said...

What a fun project. As for me? Well, gee, My Barbiepalooza Project is beating my behind, I hate to tell you... who'd'a thunk it? But, "Upon Closer Inspection", I realized I was using an inappropriate glue for her slippery plastic self.

Those colours you have chosen for this are eyepoppingly gorgeous. Can't wait to see them all when done.
Candace, Still in Athens.

Steve said...

Sounds intriguing!

Anonymous said...

Ive seen these type of books/assemblages..

They are always so intriguing..

hope you post updates so we can see how it goes..