Monday, March 15, 2010

The Smell of Magnolia

TONIGHT I went to take the trash out streetside and the smell of the early white magnolia blossoms - Star magnolia - just about blew me away.
The frogs at the end of the street are quiet at nights now. I don't know why. Have they finished courting?
But I suppose nature trades off. First, early on, it's the noise of frogs you hear and then other senses come into play as the earth warms up and gives up her scents and the blossoms on the trees engage our nose too.
I mentioned we were in the woods a week ago. (Can you tell: Is this waterfall big or small?)
Neither of us could work up the proper enthusiasm on Sunday to tackle that again. We spent time around home doing small chores. Here, however, are some of the photos from a week ago.
Up above are the smooth-edged yellow woodland violets. Huge growth of fungus on a downed tree. Trillium, white, just opened up.
Enjoy your time in the woods, and Steve, any time you'd like to take on caretaking duties, feel free to fly in to our neck of the woods - femminismo
p.s. The creek is looking good. I pulled out ivy and some nettles, but got "stung." Did I already tell you this? Sorry, if so.


Steve said...

Have hoe will travel. Just say when. :-)

Anonymous said...

Me too, if you want me to come over to help in the garden,explore the woods, I'm there!

Anonymous said...

me too!

I have a resin neckpiece that was inspired by wood fungi - circular.

Candace said...

Gorgeous shots of a gorgeous place. How I envy you those little violets and the trillium. And that wood ... you can't outdo Mother Nature for the ridiculous AND the sublime -- and sometimes they're the very same thing.

Have a great week, Jeanne. Sorry you got stung!
Yer Pal

acornmoon said...

early white magnolia, I can only imagine, lucky you!