Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Trilliums At The Creek

This seemed like a good trip by camera phone. I hope it works out and you can experience a little of the peaceful calm on this piece of the earth in Oregon - femminismo


ArtSparker said...


Julie Fillo said...

they look like white butterflies. I saw some where we were this weekend too. thx for sharing.


Candace said...

Oh how wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing this.
Mmmm... wonder why I can't do something this fun?
(the video AND the walk!)


femminismo said...

Man, this turned out pixelated. I wonder why my beach video was so much better? Hmm. I wonder if I zoomed in without realizing it. I'll bet I did. Just have to try again. And Candace, I'll bet you could do a great video of downtown Athens. Let's go shopping some weekend! - femm

Steve said...

Lush, lush and more lush. Makes me want to find some unspoilt greenery and run about with abandon.

Seth said...

Wish I were there right now. Thanks!