Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I Sewed It Just For You!

Just for you, to keep your toes comfy during these cool (almost) spring nights, I sewed up this fine quilt. Don't go gazing into that blue sky too deeply. You just might go up, up, and up, never to return!
I didn't report on my weekend before, so I will now. Sunday was my first trip up to our "property" this spring and I found that earlier the Mister and our neighbor (with his very versatile Bobcat) had made short work of the mess the snows and winds left this past winter. What a difference with all the fallen trees gone! Culvert pipe is planned for a marshy area close by one of our favorite trails (and near the outhouse). There are at least three springs coming into the property, which all eventually join the creek.
It was my job to sweep off the bridge and I took childlike glee in brushing a pile of dried leaves into the creek and then hurrying to the other side to watch them glide by on the water to go downstream. Seeing the clean surface of the bridge, I felt I had really accomplished something.
Then I went hunting for flowers, some of which you see in the quilt above. There were yellow Johnny jump-ups, trilliums and the tiny white flowers with clover-like foliage. I've forgotten the name, but I'll bet if I look back a year on this blog I will find them again.
The picture of the sky and tree in the "quilt" was taken on Monday (yesterday) while tonight (Tuesday) as I left work there was rain and snow mixed. Crazy usually describes this time just before spring is fully realized here in the Northwest. I can never get too excited about the little spring cotton frocks with short sleeves until August, and by then - of course - it's woolen suits in the stores.
On the way home from the property on Sunday there were sumi ink skies again. Lovely, lovely, beautiful! I've put it into Photoshop to add "paint daubs" and hope you like it - femminismo
p.s. I always forget: CLICK ON THE PICS to make them bigger.


Julie Fillo said...

You should do a sampler, I am enjoying it so much! It's just enough to keep me interested, but not overwhelmed. All of us 'creative types' have to have 50 irons in the fire, don't we?


Seth said...

Sumi skies. Love that description and I love the pic!

Candace said...

Those little white flowers, are they alyssium? I hope mine return this year... last year, drought took 'em pretty early.

Fantastic photos, esp the sumi ink skies -- my favourite, the dark blue bank with that silver skating on the horizon... just a gorgeous job here, Pal.

Candace said...

Uh. CaNdace.
Thanks. (where are my glasses!?)

Steve said...

*Sigh* It sounds so wonderfully idyllic! Don't fancy hiring a caretaker do you? ;-)

Steve said...
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acornmoon said...

"Yellow Johnny Jump-ups", what an absolutely adorable name! They look a bit like Heartsease?

Fresca said...


Oh, Johnny jump-ups are my favorite!

I popped over here to answer your question about why I am researching the French & Indian War, as I am in the uncharted waters of blogging about working for a publisher who requests writers not blog "in detail" about their projects...

I figure as long as I don't go into specifics, I'm OK...
but anyway, the thing is, I'm writing a nonfiction overview of the F&I War for grade schoolers.

Before I go much further, I should really find out WHAT the publisher really means by
"in detail."
But in the meantime, please forgive me, I am going to remove your question from my comments section--thanks for asking, but I'm feeling nervous.

Must go look for signs of spring... That puts everything in perspective!

femminismo said...

The Johnny Jump-Ups are really called smooth(edged) woodland violets, I think, from my bit of research. I will post a photo of them alone when the ones in our back yard bloom.