Sunday, April 4, 2010

Upon Closer Inspection . . .

I FIND I have a project (coin packet book) but no overall great plan on how to accomplish it. But I'm thinking that since April is National Poetry Month it might be relevant (and enjoyable) to make small poetry books.
I am only two days behind on this project. It's the little finishing touches that kill me and my schedule. These words seemed to pop right off the page at me: "Lucky" and "Love never fails."
I have so many of these saved tea packets, and haven't been able to throw them away because they are such natural "envelopes" for all sorts of precious things.
I got me a date stamp like the big girls (Judy Wise and others) use in their journals.
We had a great Easter egg hunt on Saturday with all the family shoehorned into my brother and sister-in-law's house. It is a good thing we all get along!
I liked the way this shiny paper that lined a paintbrush packet reflected the lady's face onto the other side. An unintended benefit.
One more picture and then I am off to bed. Another busy day tomorrow and finding perfect poems to reflect spring and "green" and other vernal subjects like that. Love, too, of course - femminismo
p.s. I'm going to buy Gulf Sprite's video lesson on making foil paper - without foil. It sounds and looks like great stuff.


Steve said...

Love your colourful designs. Adding poetry to the mix sounds a great idea too.

Fresca said...

I love opening little packets of things.
And if poetry's involved, even better!
There's a chocolate brand that prints love poems on the inside of their wrappers.

Candace said...

Great stuff here, Jeanne. I love the ladies you draw and with the dates stamped on their eyes! Too cool, and very fun.

Good luck with the viddie. And
National Poetry Month? You're right at home, I bet.

Happies from Your Pal

Clowncar said...

I really like the faces on these. Sadly, I don't think I have the patience for a coin packet - I just shove the coins into my pocket.