Friday, April 23, 2010

Using Technology

I'm enjoying using the technology of Blackberry to sit on the couch and "talk" to you. Wish I could find the magic button to put a picture of the labyrinth I walked. Next time - femminismo


Steve said...

You are a veritable gadget goddess. I like to think of myself as a bit of a techie but for years have referred to Blackberries as Blueberries. The nursing home surely beckons.

femminismo said...

haha ... the nursing home beckons! I like your phrasing. You are too funny!

femminismo said...

And I forgot: The photo of the labyrinth is history. My BlackBerry (should have put two caps in the brand name product) card was acting up (wouldn't format) so I got a new one free, from AT&T. (Just under the 1-year warranty. How often does that happen?) Well, I will have to walk the labyrinth again. Wait, did I already post that photo? Oh, oh! My mind is going. It's the nursing home for me, too!!!

grrl + dog said...

he he he..

I call them blueberries too..

Candace said...

As I like blackberries AND blueberries, I call these gadgets Satan's Handymen... just wait till they REALLY start pitching fits. Not fun.
Say, I can not wait till I see the labyrinth. I've not walked one unless, of course, you count the back 40 as I cut down the winter's end grasses and such.

Your Pal

katie said...

Happy Birthday Jeanne!

It sounds like it was full of love and loved ones and plenty of beauty and luck - perfect!!