Thursday, April 1, 2010

Steam Punk or Fraternal?

LOOK what I found today! An interesting part of a fraternal requirement for initiation.
I think these are something that might inspire steam punk inventors to make elaborate eyewear. I feature a sort of Mad Max character wearing these blinders, but with lenses put into them, or darkened glass that would be lifted up when the wearer desired to speak eyeball to eyeball with someone.
These are not mine. I will put them back in the storage attic tomorrow, but I thought I would share this antique apparatus with you. They remind me of something Urbandon (Don P.) would make.
The inside of them is lined with a sort of red or purple velvet-type material and an ordinary cotton string ties them on the wearer. I like the little "knobs" that helps you lift the eye coverings. A little kinky, maybe? Or maybe not.
They were definitely made by someone who was into his craft - femminismo


Steve said...

Wow. What are they? Some sort of welding goggles?

Dawn said...

Oooh, love these. You should have done a self portrait wearing them!

ArtSparker said...

I'm curious about this storage attic which has things which are not yours...can anyone go in and rummage around?

Seth said...

These are so very cool! And when do the tours of the attic start????

Candace said...

I really do love these! Gosh, sometimes, We really are on the same page, aren't we? LOL.