Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Will You Still Need Me? Will You Still Feed Me?

WHEN I'M sixty-four? It's happened! The whirling of the earth, the continual falling but never reaching the surface - not yet, anyway - and I'm still here!
Yes, 64. Tell me, if you can, how that happened in the blink of an eye, in the wink of a star. Yet I'm really truly here and my knees still work (mostly) and I'm running on nearly all of my original parts. (Knock, knock, knock on wood.)
In six months, my sister tells me, it will be time to apply for Medicare. They need all the warning they can get, apparently. Today I got lots of good wishes - more than ever before thanks to Facebook! I received flowers from my oldest son and lunch out with him. His treat! The day got better and better. My daughter and her family came by to give me more flowers - pink rosebuds, lilacs, tiny pink carnations and stock, with its lovely aroma. A great card and lots of hugs rounded that all out.
When I got home there was shiny bag hanging on the front door knob filled with treats and sumptuous indulgences. (There was an empty book to write in. Could the giver be hinting something?)
The Mister had a wonderful card for me. The kind you read and get tears in your eyes, because you know he read through a lot of them until he found the one that said what he wanted to say himself, but couldn't find the words. My brother and sister-in-law dropped by with a card too and scratch-it lottery tickets. I won $3! And I got hugs, too.
It's been a great day. I'm so glad I was born in April. There are so many flowers and the leaves are brand new and glistening and there is a feeling in the air that nothing can hold back nature and healing, and someday soon we will be on top of our game again - femminismo
p.s. Packet books are above. I've still got many to make before April ends. Best get to it!!


Christy said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful day! Happy Birthday to you!!!

Steve said...

Many happy returns of the day to you! Happy Birthday!

Julie Fillo said...

So glad to hear you had such a nice day. Weight of Flowers is winging it's way to you.

Clowncar said...

Still needed. Still fed. How nice.

Happy birthday. Now go spend that $3!


time really goes faster the older we get, unfortunately!
but you've got your whole life ahead of you!!!!

nice seed packets, btw!

ciao bella
creative carmelina