Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Edgier Blogger

EDGIER? Yes, edgier! Fresca (l'astronave) was talking about how "unprivate" do we want our blogs to be. How much do we want to reveal? "How 'naked' do we want to be?"
How honest do we want to be?
What's in it for us, we wonder, to tell more than we feel comfortable with?
In writing, they call it "dangerous" writing. It's exploring who you are and what you really think and what you're really comfortable with.
And you're doing it in public! We shall see where the weeks take us - femminismo
"Therefore I will wail and howl, I will go stripped and naked; I will make a wailing like the dragons, and mourning as the owls." from Chapter I, Micah, The Old Testament


Steve said...

My only rule with blogging is that there are no hard and fast rules. I merely do what feels comfortable and right in the moment. Seems to work. Or at least it has so far...

Anonymous said...

I can wait to see you wail and howl.

And it will be the most prized of things

you authentic self.

Fresca said...

GREAT quote!

I learned by going WAY further than I was comfortable with the first time round to take it slower the next time round.
I think each blogger learns their own speed, their own comfort level. Still, it's nice to have support to push it just that wee bit further out... Or, I like it anyway.
Each to her own!

Karena said...

It is a very personal and yet public jouranl to be read all around the world. A decision every post as to the direction one will go!

Art by Karena

katie said...

it really is an interesting question, one my fingertips frequently turn over in my hand.

i used to more "visible" and raw although i never was a prolific blogger. now i find myself drawing back a bit, not throwing all my pearls out to the crowd but holding some back for myself, for those few friends in my circle that connect with my heart.

but i know that i'm missing heart connections with others, some i know through blogging, and some i haven't yet met.

i just go with my gut - if i feel like i have something to say i do, if i don't feel like sharing i don't push myself to do it. but i'm aware that i may be giving in to the "lazy" side of me or just the part of me that wants to stay invisible, sitting in the back of the room so if i want to make an exit most won't notice.

and i know all of this could change in a heartbeat :-)