Friday, June 11, 2010

Five Hundred First Post . . . !!!

GOOD GRAVY! I almost didn't notice this piece of information when I logged in, but this is my 501st post on Blogger. Propitious moment to give you a picture of my Teeny Tiny Books. I suppose they might be even smaller, to be deserving of the title "Teeny Tiny," but they do fit into a coin envelope. You know: the kind you put loose change into when you make a deposit at the bank?
I have been a lousy blogger recently. Thinking a lot of what I'd like to write about, but never getting it down on paper. Or on the magical glass screen either!
The "Bound for Glory" picture is one I took in Salem from our conference headquarters. Overlooking a busy thoroughfare can be quite interesting!
I've been visiting other blogs the last two days - finally - and seeing these posts energizes me to get busy and do something. Anything to feel creative. So now that I have the April project finally almost done (I need to produce some sort of holder for these booklets) I can start on something new.
Something to do with paint and paper, I think. Now go create, people - femminismo


Fresca said...

So, that makes Marie Antoinette as a Zombie your 500th post, eh?
Anyone who can claim that need never worry about her creative abilities as a blogger!

Keep a going! The one thousandth post is waiting for you.

Campbell Jane said...

I love your little tiny books!

Steve said...

Big congratulations on your half millennium!

Anonymous said...


I am so greedy for images

and so lazy to click on them..

I wish they were bigger on the screen

and the writing was easier for my lazy

lady eyes...
The tiny books are so gorgeous..