Wednesday, June 16, 2010

So This is 'Almost Summer' Weather?

TUESDAY was an awful weather day. The western sky was gray and foreboding while in the east the sun was shining. Talk about your evil twins!
The weather hit our building at work and you can see the hail bouncing around my car tires outside the building. This is five days before summer? People are going to start believing the gossip that it rains *all the time* in Oregon. AND hails!
Our building has very high ceilings - like 20 feet high - and there are skylights up above. When the hail hit it was so noisy you could hardly hear yourself think. I wonder what the birds thought.
I watched "The Lovely Bones" on Tuesday night. The Mister was spooked by the scene when Susie was crossing the cornfield and left to go take a shower. I have to admit I was spooked too. I loved the book, but I am not sure about the movie - even though I thought the actress who played "Susie" was wonderful. A terrible thing to lose a child in any way, and this particular movie at this particular time reflects a current theme in Oregon: a 7-year-old boy going missing from school. There has still been no word on Kyron Harmon who's been missing since June 4th. Real stories like this just make you feel sick with helplessness.
It's getting late and tomorrow is another day. I see a new dentist tomorrow and hope he is getting a good night's sleep tonight and feeling up to a 3:30 p.m. appointment tomorrow - femminismo
p.s. I'm getting very tempted to try the new "design" element available on Blogger. Don't be surprised if everything on this page changes one of these days.


Steve said...

The fact that people go missing all the time is so scary in a culture where we feel we are always being watched. A young mum has gone missing in my home town - nearly 2 weeks now - you find yourself wandering around, wondering how someone can vanish into thin air so easily.

Clowncar said...

I loved that book as well. So much that I didn't want to alter my memories of it by seeing the movie.

Those new templates are fun. I was playing with them last night.

Candace said...

I just read about Kyron and am so troubled by it. He wants to be a police investigator, he wore his little CSI shirt that day... what the --??? Fantastic shots of the rain/hail storm, Jeanne.
I've not seen Lovely Bones. Don't know that I will altho I thought the trailer was great and I love Stanley Tucci.
I did see Clash of the Titans! How could I resist Liam Neeson as Zeus?