Tuesday, June 1, 2010

First Day of June

JUNE - the month of graduates and newlyweds. And this year, apparently, gully washers of rain showers here in Oregon. A "pineapple express" is scheduled to come through tomorrow or the next day - or maybe tonight! I love pineapple, but I don't think we'll enjoy this one so much. The flowers are already looking pretty worn out from all the rain.
Not this clematis though. Sturdy flowers and such interesting centers I thought I would zoom in on this one.
We were up in the woods, too, on Sunday and I brought back a couple of photographs and a lot of red clay mud on my tennis shoes. Everything was very damp and my little path - Jeanne's Trail - down by the river had really grown over. Some of the deer ferns were as tall as me. Here I had it all cleaned up and spotless and now these little white flowers are carpeting the pathway. The goatsbeard* is in full bloom too, right by the side of the creek.
This is a sword fern, shot from overhead. All the "spears" look so fresh, clean and new! Gorgeous. Must go now. Bedtime and it's off for an annual conference tomorrow about an hour away from home. My suitcase is packed and with all the outfits I was stuffing in the suitcase the Mister was getting a little worried, asking how long I was going to be gone. Just three days, and not even that, really. I'll be back Friday evening - femminismo
* there is a photo of the goatsbeard on another "page" of this blog, if you search for it in the search field at the top


Steve said...

That swordfern looks amazing... nature's fractals...!

joven said...

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Jill Zaheer said...

Just love these photos! Such a clear crisp feel of June, freedom and joy!