Thursday, June 10, 2010

Testing My Photoshop 'Skills'

As you can see, the real Photoshop geeks have nothing to fear. I used an image another blogger generously distributed and added a few other images. I'm nowhere near to painting faces and adding other elements that these ladies might be holding.

Hmm. Marie Antoinette as a zombie on Day of the Dead? I'm sure she wouldn't be holding a rose, but rather an arm or a leg to feast on - femminismo


Fresca said...

Well, I'm impressed---I've never photoshopped anything at all!

Steve said...

He he... I quite like it. Might use it as my wallpaper.

Anonymous said...

subject matter is perfect!

Zombies are so hip right now.

I am taking an online class with Lost Aussie on the loose to hone my crappy
photoshop skills.

I want to make zombies too.