Monday, June 14, 2010

June Events & Treats

This pretty girl, our granddaughter, Leesha, graduated from high school on Saturday. We are very proud of her for finishing her education despite some of the obstacles in her path.
Saturday was also the first day of sunshine around here in what seemed like a very, very, very long time. Some of the flowers had just given up trying to bloom and the foliage on many flowers and vegetables is very sketchy because of the slugs - who adore the moisture. Time to set out the slug bait.
On Saturday, after graduation, Leesha's parents had a barbecue to celebrate and it was a chance for my son and his dad to hand-crank ice cream. Old fashioned vanilla on top of the chocolate graduation cake. Yum!
The Mister and I attended the party and had a good meal to fortify us for more partying later on at a friend's house, where we danced and then the Mister played guitar. Fun times. The hostess had a beautiful bouquet of peonies with stalks of a mustard plant with variegated foliage. It was quite unusual and gave me a "plant itch" for something similar in our back yard.
This peony portrait is worked over a bit in Photoshop, but it was lovely on its own, too.
Here's the Mister at the barbecue before the party. While he played guitar at the party all I got was shots from behind. It was a "band in the basement" party and the music was quite loud for a while. They played until a little after 10 p.m. because most of the neighbors were at the party!
Here, below, is a picture of slim, tall Zoe, another granddaughter. She is growing so fast it's a wonder her skin can keep up with her.
And I'll finish up with a June rose that is so perfect and fat. Can you smell the peachy goodness of it? - femminismo


Steve said...

A fine looking family. And congratulations on the graduation. I graduated from a part time degree course last year so know what a wonderfully proud achievement it is.

femminismo said...

Steve, thanks on the compliment and congrats on your own "done" course of study. Finishing anything is ever so hard!

Fresca said...

It's nice to meet your family!
They look like a wonderful garden of variegated blooms and foliage.

Candace said...

What a wonderful thing, family. And peonies, as well. Your tweaking of photos is so subtle, I am envious. I haven't done a thing with mine yet.... ho hum. Running twice as fast to stay in one place is one thing, but to stay behind? Quite another.

Take care, Pal.

Jenny Matteson said...

What a nice looking Zoe! (If I do say so myself. . . ) Sometimes I worry that she'll get growing pains, but so far she's been lucky!