Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Blue Lady

TODAY, in quietly experimenting with Adobe Illustrator a little bit, I suddenly went wild. The day outside was so very, very gray and drippy! Color - in a large dose - was needed.
It all began with just trying out different brush strokes in different colors. Branches appeared and then flowers. And then pistils at the ends of the flower.
Then a face showed up - a big heavy about the eyebrows - but with a gleam in her eye she couldn't be stopped. She insisted that a background of color be applied even if it turned HER face blue also.
Blue like the Mediterranean Sea. Branches gold as a sunset. Flowers bright as bougainvillea. Pistils like liquid sun.
The outlines of leaves and then a smaller brush, drawing in loops, to suggest trailing vines. (I'm drawing with my less dominant hand here.)
Illustrator has these "libraries" of "Nature" items that include dragonflies, and the small flares of light might just be lightning bugs mixing in with these winged insects out after dark.
I tell you: In Oregon, during the winter, we will do anything to brighten up the day with color - femminismo


Steve said...

That blue really works - so friendly and cheerful!

Anonymous said...


let me know when you sort out illustrator...I am avoiding it...

Fresca said...

Oh, oh, oh! Yummy!
Can this be printed out and turned into cards?
I'd like one!

Nathalie Thompson said...

Nicely done! It's not easy drawing with a bar of soap (mouse!) You've used some of my favorite colors. Wish I could wear foliage and dragonflies in my hair and carry it off!

Clowncar said...

nice dose of color on a gray and cold day.

ever heard of tuxpaint? it's free open source drawing software, mostly for kids, but fun to play with. Your dragonflies are why I bring it up - they have a big library of "stamps" where you can add images like that. do as google search on it - free and fun.

Candace said...

Oh Jeanne, I love your artwork so much! I agree with grrrlllll... sorry, got carried away. I am avoiding illustrator.