Saturday, January 8, 2011

Yellow Shafted Flicker ... or Red?

SO what's the deal with this bird? Not a red shafted flicker. Golden yellow under the wings but I didn't see red on the back of its neck. And if it's a male, it doesn't have the black "mustache." And I do think it's a male since it has a mustache - and it's so very red.
I didn't see any color on the back of his neck, so I don't think he's a golden shafted flicker.
That leaves the gilded flicker, a resident of the deserts of SE California, southern Arizona and Baja California.
Brr! Why come up here. We were thinking of traveling down there!
If was so much fun watching the suet feeder this morning with this guy swinging on it. His beak is made to reach through the cage to get the goods. There were tiny little gray birds - like sparrows or finches, perhaps - and their beaks were tiny, too. They liked the suet but ended up frightened away by the bigger birds and ate from a tray of millet, thistle seeds, peanuts and cracked corn further away.
As you can see in the photo, the flickers had consumed most of the suet, so the Mister and I went to get some more. I hope to have lots more birds to watch tomorrow. I hope you've spent a relaxing Saturday doing something you enjoy. I spent the second half with family, and hopefully the birds found a warm place to roost for the night - femminismo

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Steve said...

Yellow or red... it's still a very striking and beautiful bird.