Sunday, January 2, 2011

Second Day - Second Project

TODAY I finished this neck warmer/scarf with a large antique button. Is "antique" anything over 25 years? It might be 50, because I am not really sure where it came from. I think it was in my mother's button box and might have been there a lot longer than anything I've found.
The yarn is really soft and fluffy, but NOT itchy! Love that about any yarn.
I also wrote in my art journal and drew a picture, but that can wait. I find myself thinking about drawing something I would want to show on this blog and then I get real nervous. Takes all the fun out of it, so I think I will only show pages from time to time.
The jasmine in the sunroom is beginning to show small buds and I can smell the little white flowers but I can't see any! Is this possible? I hope so. Maybe the foliage gives off an odor before blooming? Just wondering how powerful the imagination can be.
Oh! If you have time check out the link for these lovely book manipulatons and photographs on Art Propelled's blog. Really something!
Second day of the new year, and so far, so good - femminismo


Steve said...

Soft and fluffy is always most welcome!

Anonymous said...

it looks positively tactile!

I know etsy's policy about vintage - vintage is anything over 20 years old - or is it 25?

In any case, that makes 80's stuff vintage - can you believe it???

femminismo said...

Arrgh! No, I can't, grrl + dog. I am so vintage, my tin exterior is entirely rusted!

Fresca said...

I love that button.
I wonder if people still keep button jars.

I also got a kick out of today's Human Calendar--the year photo showing one person almost our of frame, holding a sign reading "was 2010", and "2011" fully in frame...