Saturday, January 1, 2011

I Can Do Plenty - My Word is My Bond

I FOUND a journal and decided it would become my January art journal. I was inspired by this Suzi Blu YouTube video, right here.
I was amazed at the way my woman and living room took shape. She doesn't look much like me, or maybe she is the "me" I didn't turn into.
I also wouldn't have pictured she would live in a house like that with purple walls and a blue sofa with yellow and blue pillows. And that picture on the wall! I love trees, but ... ?
Last, I wouldn't have thought to put myself in a short sleeved blouse because that's so not me! And a headband? Who is this woman?
Well, it looks as if there might be an art easel resting in the room to her left. She'd better leave off gazing into space and get in there and go to work.
I wrote in the journal the way that Suzi did. I wrote down all the good things about me and what makes me special and the skills I take pride in. Suzi painted over hers and then let the paint dry and then scraped it away. Me, I couldn't even find a waterproof pen, but I think you'll get the idea. Perhaps painting over them makes you able to write them down and then cover most of them up to show you don't want to be boastful. What did you do today that was artistic? I'll bet it was something - femminismo
P.S. I'm back. I forgot to say this: Be Kind To Yourself!!


Steve said...

My artistic plans for this week / month include getting back into a proper regime to write my novel... Christmas has been nice but now it's time to move on!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you will wear headbands in the future?