Thursday, January 20, 2011

Imagine my surprise ...

I THOUGHT I had already posted this picture. And I haven't! So here goes my first bracelet project (finished! yes!). You don't need to tell me it's lovely, because it is only an experiment and is not lovely from all angles.
At Art and Soul (Portland) in November or December I saw one of the class participants in the most ingenious and beautiful cuff/gauntlet-type/vintage encrusted/goth/Emily Dickinson-era "bracelet," and I now wish I had insisted on taking a photo of it. She made it herself and I've been scouring the Internet for something similar - or at least something to give my memory a boost on how she did it.
I think the nearest I've come is the top of a sock (cut off an old one) and then covered with sewn on bits of fabric and lace and ribbon.
The bracelet I ended up making was like one I saw online, where you have longish pieces of fabric, fold them in half, make a slip knot at one end and braid what's hanging from there. At the end you make a regular knot and that goes up through the opening in the slip knot.
I had pieces of yarn braided through and tied beads on these to make sure they were secure. It's nothing I'd post on Etsy - if I had an Etsy page - but I like the idea of cloth bracelets because they're not cold and jangling - femminismo
P.S. If you know of something like the fabric cuff bracelets, please, please, please let me know!


Candace said...

Love the colours of the bracelet, and now am enjoying catching up, seeing The Blue Lady. Must be the "blue" time of year. I have a photo that shows how blue everything was during Snowstorm 2011!
Take care, Pal.

Fresca said...

I love your bracelet!
That cuff thingie sounds cool.
I am making my first ever knitting project---wrist warmers, because I thought they'd be small enough I'd be sure to finish them.

I hope I might make them decorative, but I tend to poop out on crafts (not like you, with your ongoing projects you bring to completion!), so I'm aiming for "plain but done".

femminismo said...

Fresca, that's what I'm aiming for too, is finishing more projects! Good luck with the wrist warmers. they sound cool/warm.
Candace, thanks for checking in. I will go see your snowstorm right now!

Steve said...

Love the colours and I imagine the different textures compliment each other against the skin.

grrl + dog said...


I beleive I can help.

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