Friday, November 14, 2008

Cold Outside ... With a Big Moon.

THE moon is getting fuller each evening and tonight the sky is clear and the temperature is dropping. It's 42 degrees out now and sure to go down a little bit more before the night is over.
I have a journal page picture here. The entire journal page consists of a tiny obituary photo I really liked and a poem I found by W.D. Snodgrass.
It is only one stanza of the poem, but it really stood out.
The Mister is in a little pain tonight (after his knee surgery), but that was to be expected. Another pain pill before bed and he should be good for the night. One more day of elevation and ice and he can take up ballet again. ; )
A friend at work, JoAnn, loaned me a book by one of my favorite New Yorker contributing artists Maira Kalman. The book is "The Principles of Uncertainty," and it is wonderful. You can read it in one evening, but you will want to stare at the pictures a long time and admire her knowledge of places, food and people. She must be quite a collector too, of many odd things. If you go to her Web site, check out the "Elements of Style" movie. French music!!
I hope you see the moon wherever you are tonight ... or tomorrow - femminismo


Chibi said...

I'm glad you feel you can get a little more into your story. :) For me, I realized that I had been hit by the week two slump without even realizing it. *sighs* Just when I thought I'd have a year without it...

I can't see the moon right now. It's been pouring rain ever since Friday morning. I hope it clears up soon!

rivergardenstudio said...

These pages are beautiful, but no moon for us tonight, it is cloudy, so good to be home though! Roxanne