Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Assisted Living Center - and a little art.

OK, I know. I'm feeling put upon and whiny. But today, Sunday, this house has felt a bit like an assisted care center. "Get me tea, please. I need more ice for my knee. I'm hungry, what's for lunch?" from the Mister.
Then, from my brother, "Can I come over and do my laundry?" (He needs to be picked up and taken home too.)
If either of them reads this, sorry, but I feel whiny and I'm gonna whine!
So now I'm done. On Saturday night I got out of the house with JoAnn and Sylvia and we went to Bodacious Beads for Creative Circle with Turquoize, and Linda was there too.
We made rolled paper beads and gift tags and hanging holders for the upcoming holidays. I liked the first paper bead I made and then the rest were reject material. I don't want to give up on them, however, because I really think they have potential. I'll try more another time.
Above is the beginning of my project. I wasn't sure what I was doing, but I began with a stamped image I really liked, and a tag cut from an old manila folder (recycle, recycle!), yarn and my one paper bead.
Here is JoAnn's Christmas Day holder (it's a pocket and you can slip in money or tickets or ???) and also her circle with glitter, a snowman picture and beads coated in glitter with stars "hanging out." I love the buttons hanging from the holder on the left.
Clarkie, at Bodacious Beads, is so generous to let us come in and use the crafting area of her store one night a month. It's fun to get together and talk and share different art materials and projects.
I started another holder - I don't know what else to call them. You fold a piece of paper, "sew" up the edges with yarn, wire or, in my case, silver glitter pipe cleaners. The picture of the girl is clipped from a book and stuffed in a scrap of gold paper. Sort of looks like a present popping out, I think. The lace will get glued on later. I ran out of time!
Sylvia's holders are so cute! Can't you see these on the tree? I like how she made the wire on the hanging beads all twirly.
Now here's the four of us together - me, Sylvia, Tuquoize and JoAnn - and I'm sure they'll all say I was trying to hide behind my project again. It was the best picture, however, so I chose this one. Thank you, Linda, for taking it.
Well, it is time to do some more on my NaNoWriMo story. I'm thinking of changing the title to "The Magician's Pingpong Balls." What do you think? An excerpt from the book is coming very soon - femminismo
p.s. Nineteen thousand two hundred thirteen words!!!


Jenny Matteson said...

Hey Jeanne,, I love your idea of meeting once a month for art projects! I also like the NaNoWriMo Idea. Can I participate, even if i don't get started until now? Does it have to be a totally new story that you write for the month, or can it be something you are working on over time?

I ask because I fount the linked site a bit confusing- cluttered might br the better term- and I can't find the rules, or directions for it. Love you- Happy Sunday night.

Jenny Matteson said...

OK, I found the FAQ page and I get it now. I will try this next year, I think that would be great! I love any excuse to get writing, and this is a great one for getting to the end of the book!

Chibi said...

I'm really glad that your NaNo is starting to catch on. Mine is beginning to pick up as well. I think week two was dragging me down, whether I realized it or not.

Your beaded bags were adorable. :) And I hope the Mister feels better soon. You have very right to whine, I think. Circumstances like that can get pretty annoying fairly quickly. Hang in there.

Candace said...

Great news about the Nano, Jeanne! And those Art Shenanigans are fantastic. Great colour. Thanks for showing us what you are up to and the links, too.

I've not met with Kitten for art for about two months. blech... I need to get it together again!
That really helps folks like me to have an Art Date.
Have a great week over there.