Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Man and His Qualities.

HUMBLE, calm, sober. Ready. Cautious. Grateful.
Bind us together with every good word and greater intention.
"It will be a great thing for the human soul when it finally stops worshiping backwards. We are pushed forward by the social forces, reluctant and stumbling, our faces over our shoulders, clutching at every relic of the past as we are forced along, still adoring whatever is behind us. We insist upon worshiping 'the God of our fathers.' Why not the God of our children? Does eternity only stretch one way?" - Charlotte Perkins Gilman, The Home, 1910
- femminismo
p.s. Happy Birthday, Ruthie-girl. I love you!

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Candace said...

Hi there, femminismo! This post left me with a real set of thrill bumps! As opposed to chill bumps when something is frightening or bad, something is so wonderful and profound, it pebbles the flesh -- an outward manifestation of an inward reality.

Thanks much. I do love Gilman. Such a spirit!