Thursday, November 13, 2008

What Hasn't Been Going On?

WELL, I can tell you what hasn't been going on. I haven't been posting. I have been busy working, participating in NaNoWriMo (17,767 words as of tonight) and then, today, the Mister had some arthroscopic knee surgery.
His meniscus was torn, on the outside of his knee, but the surgeon was able to repair it. Now I am serving him tea and soup (the Mister, not the doctor) and other comforting foods after his day-surgery and tedious "wait time" in the hospital. All very tiring.
All the nurses said he was very patient. Hmm. Talking about my Mister?
He walked into the house from the car and has taken his pain pills and is keeping the knee elevated and iced. I hope he has a peaceful night and doesn't wake up in pain at ANY point. Because then that means that I will have to wake up too, and then it will become readily evident what a crappy nurse - and all around human being - I am.
I am also on edge and tired myself because when someone you dearly loves is having foreign objects inserted into his body and is being given anesthesia and has a huge bandage on his leg, you sort of get to thinking of how you'd really miss that person if they weren't around - you know what I mean?
So go find that guy or gal - or that kitty cat or puppy dog - and give them a big ol' smooch. That's what femminismo sez!
p.s. Doesn't the heart give this knee the perfect touch? What a good sport Mister is.


Chibi said...

It sucks that you're having such a rough time with NaNo this year. You mentioned that you were thinking of trashing it and starting over on my friend's blog, but before you do, have you considered just changing the story until it's more interesting or attractive to you?

Right now, I'm feeling a little.. meh on my story, too. I can write it with no problem, but I'm not really feeling the excitement the way I have with my previous stories. I'm not quite sure why that is. Partly it's the stress of November (busy month for us all), but I think partly it's because in the planning process, maybe I forgot about me a little.

You have to ask yourself why you like to write what you do, and then maybe you can figure out what's missing from this story. I would suggest that you not give up until the words stop coming. You might also be suffering the week two slump, and that can be hard. Good luck!

Candace said...

While we are making plans life happens -- and HOW.

My sympathy and get well quicks to that Mister! Anything anywhere re: the body's betrayal, and it's hellzapoppin' for most folks. Sounds like he's got it together, and with your good help I am sure he'll be 100% in no time.

As for Nanowrimo, the object is to write. You're *doing* it, Jeanne, so go, kid, go! 17K is fabu.

Did you see "Finding Nemo"... just keep swimming! You'll be ashore afore you know it.